Giving a Warm DIS Welcome

With a brand new 2019-2020 academic year now underway, new faculty and staff have joined the DIS community to continue bring about the best possible learning environment for students and their families.

We would like to welcome over a dozen new faculty faces walking the halls of our Churchill and Waterview campuses, and encourage everyone to give them a friendly hello when you see them. Truly embodying the spirit of DIS by representing many cultures from all corners of the globe, our new faculty and staff hail from France, Iran, Hawaii, New Hampshire, California and many more locations.
When asked more in-depth about what drew them to DIS and what they looked forward to most during this school year, some of the new teachers shared their anticipation for the year. For example, having taught at both the secondary and collegiate level, new teacher, Mrs. Ashley Wolstein, expressed her excitement for getting to know a brand new group of students and possibly learning some French along the way. Parisian and new teacher, Mme Sophie Damour, found herself and husband relocating to Dallas after spending time teaching French in Oxford, England. She shares, “I am most looking forward to meeting all the members of this great community and helping the students learn and enjoy their time at DIS!”
Having been an English teacher for many years for international executives and their families, new teacher, Mrs. Caren Kovach, says, “I look forward to improving the CE1 students’ comprehension, writing, grammar and having a feeling of excitement for reading!” Graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Dallas native and returning teacher, Mrs. Adrienne Wagner, is no stranger to DIS. Having worked in the English department at DIS from 2003 to 2010, she has returned back home and exclaims, “I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with the wonderful, multi-cultural DIS community, getting to know my students, supporting and witnessing their growth as learners, and discovering how much DIS and education have changed while I’ve been away!”
Teaching couple, M Jean-Baptiste and  Mme Julie Devnyck, both arrived at DIS this year together. Originally from Bordeaux, the duo have more than 20+ years of teaching experience together and bring their two children, Cyprien and Lilian, to DIS as new students. When asked what they look forward to most about their experience at DIS, they share, "It's our first expatriation, so we hope to quickly integrate into this beautiful state of Texas. I am happy to see students so different from my students in France, as it is extremely rewarding. My ultimate goal is to share with students my experiences from being a math teacher within the French National Education." French native and multilingual Spanish teacher, Mme Zelie Jeanvoine, explains, “I look forward to sharing with my students my love for Spanish through different areas (language, culture, history, geography, art, customs).” She, her two daughters and husband from Mexico City moved to Dallas last year with the goal to offer a trilingual education to their daughters while living an enriching cultural experience.
We would like to greet Rojin Abdolmalaki, Ashley Agoro, Michael Baudry, Virginie Baudry, Patrick Munguiko Baziha, Zavier Bow, Sophie Damour, Jean Baptiste Devynck, Julie Devynck, Christie Harris, Zelie Jeanvoine, Caren Kovach, Melissa Larribe, Sira Ndiaye, Adrienne Wagner, and Ashley Wolstein with a big Tigre growl, and hope everyone has an exciting year filled with memories and new experiences you cherish forever!
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