Gaining STEAM

On Friday, May 3, the STEAM Fair Exposition was on display for the DIS community. 

Students and parents visited the library and motricity room to see examples of the work that was on display. Elementary students also had the opportunity to visit interactive science booths from Mad Science. 
This spring, DIS Students in grades CP-CM1 engaged in STEAM-based learning activities with their French teachers to explore the scientific method and engineering design process. Classes devoted many weeks to projects based on the theme of "Go Green," and were encouraged to use STEAM to identify and solve a problem in their community.  
Our CP classes studied the states of matter and water, while their teachers led them through a series of three fun experiments exploring concepts of density, floating, and water surface. They also created beautiful artistic representations of “La Mer à la Manière de Matisse - The Sea, in the Style of Matisse.” 
CE2 asked the question: "Que deviennent les déchets dans la nature? (What happens to waste in nature?)"  They placed trash articles in a natural setting and observed the changes over several weeks. Students observed that some items were eaten by animals or decomposed, while others remained. It was truly a learning experience and reminded students the importance of contributing to a clean Earth.
Our CE1 and CM1 classes came together collaboratively to study and build an amazing ecological African village, decorated with African arts. They researched and built ecologically sustainable houses that included features such as working solar panels, windmills, solar bottles, water wells and a solar oven. During these experiences, teachers took the opportunity to teach students about electricity, the water cycle, and energy. 
The last display was evidence from the BreakerSpace activity completed in STEM class during STEAM week. Students reversed the engineering design process to take apart stuffed animals, toys, and electronics to learn about how they are manufactured. They also learned the difference between different types of screwdrivers and tools, while setting and maintaining a strategy for safety protocol.  
After the morning visit from parents, elementary students were invited see the displays of their peers, as well as participate in interactive booths from Mad Science in the gym. The Mad Science booths covered themes of energy, electricity, forces, and magnetism. Mad Science instructors worked with students at each station, actively engaging them through hands-on activities and teaching them the science behind the demonstrations. Students created different circuits, interacted with plasma balls, discovered “sticky” static electricity, and explored magnetic fields at the electricity and magnetism table. While visiting the booth about fundamental forces and energy, students tried out a gyroscope bike wheel, coin vortex, and various catapults. 
Thank you to all the administration, faculty, staff, and of course our amazing students, for an excellent STEAM Exposition!  
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