The World at Her Fingertips

Beginning her journey with DIS at Pre-K 4, alumna Nakai Banks knew early that she had an affinity for culture and seeing the world. 

Coming from a multicultural family with a Zimbabwean mother, Nakai was immersed in foreign language from childhood, speaking some Shona at home. Upon arrival at DIS, however, Nakai experienced a whole new world of diversity and culture, meeting students from all parts of the world. This would also birth Nakai’s interest in the French language and culture, which would eventually benefit her upon attending Drexel University.
Throughout her matriculation at DIS, Nakai developed a special fondness for reading, writing and painting, stating, “Personally, I believe that DIS really helped me develop my writing and presentation skills which are two things that are very beneficial in both college and the professional world. So I am forever grateful to every teacher that pushed me while I was there, because without them, I would not have realized I was passionate about writing, painting or reading.”
When looking back on her time spent as a Tigre, Nakai’s foreign language acquisition and DIS’s global outlook were particularly valuable experiences that she fondly looks back on. “DIS helps you see life from a different perspective, and also helps you become much more open and accepting to different cultures. In comparison to my college experience, I would say that coming from DIS helped me see the world in a bigger picture. I was much more open-minded than a lot of people that I met throughout my college career. I was more "worldly” or cultured. It made me realize how lucky I was to grow up in a school like DIS. I think that is really amazing and something I will always treasure,” shares Nakai.
Cherishing her French language acquisition, Nakai has since kept her skills current, using them to get a job with Orchestra Premaman USA as a Marketing Assistant/Translator (French) for one of her internships while at Drexel. Being the only candidate fluent in French, Nakai believes this was an important factor in her obtaining the position. “Being able to speak multiple languages is always a plus in the work field, so I would say that learning French at DIS has helped me a lot,” explains Nakai.
These days, Nakai is studying for her LSAT, and plans to start applying to law schools by the end of the year with hopes to begin in 2020. Ultimately, Nakai want to work as an attorney regulating healthcare policies in developing countries that do not have access to adequate healthcare. When asked if she had any final thoughts she’d like to share with current DIS students, Nakai affirms, “Take advantage of the resources you have while you are at DIS, and enjoy the fact that you have small classes that allow you to build close relationships with your peers and teachers. Cherish the fact that you go to such a unique school. You guys are so lucky to go to a school like DIS, even if you don't think so just yet!” 
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