New Beginnings at DIS

This week at DIS, we welcomed Madame Clémence Grosjean, Deputy Head of Secondary.

We are truly grateful that Madame Grosjean has joined us at our Waterview campus, bringing with her years of experience in education.
For the last year, Madame Grosjean has been working with DIS remotely from Paris, and prior to that, she served directly as Principale Adjointe at the Collège Jean Lurçat for three years. With her arrival, she is extremely excited that she is now able to place names with faces around the Waterview campus and gets to know the community better. When asked about her experience relocating to Dallas, Grosjean shares, “It’s all very exciting. Very different, but I look at it as starting over. Scary, but very exciting!” 
We are honored to have Madame Grosjean on campus to experience the Tigre life, and we appreciate her patience and time during the last several months. She has already shown quite a passion for DIS and has been working to ensure that teachers and students are pushing themselves and giving their all. “Here at DIS, teachers want to help students. It’s a spirit I felt upon arriving. We are a team, and it’s nice to come into an environment where the students are so motivated, as opposed to having to motivate the children,” explains Grosjean.
Many of you have had the opportunity to exchange emails or engage with Madame Grosjean via Skype over the past year. She is now able to be found on the Waterview campus in an office adjacent to Monsieur Ferret, and welcomes all to stop by and say hello. “My door is always open, for both the good and bad students,” jokes Grosjean, “But I am 100% dedicated and look forward to what’s to come!” Please join us in giving a big DIS welcome to Clémence!
Cette semaine, nous désirons souhaiter la bienvenue à Madame Clémence Grosjean, Directrice adjointe de l'établissement secondaire à DIS. Nous remercions Madame Grosjean de nous avoir rejoint au Campus de Waterview, elle apporte avec elle toutes ses années d'expérience dans le domaine de l'éducation.
Durant l'année scolaire, Mme Grosjean était sans cesse en contact avec DIS et travaillait à distance depuis Paris. Avant cela, elle a occupé les fonctions de Directrice Adjointe au Collège Jean Lurçat pendant 3 ans. Elle est ravie de pouvoir enfin rencontrer  le personnel de Waterview avec qui elle a conversé toute l'année et de mieux connaitre notre communauté. A la question sur ce qu'elle pensait de sa relocation à Dallas, elle nous a confié : "Je suis ravie d'être ici, c'est très différent et j'ai l'impression de recommencer à zero. Cela fait un peu peur mais c'est très excitant!" 

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