Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Joseph Lasseigne

Philippe Jenkin began here at DIS in PS and continued throughout middle and high school as a Tigre, graduating in 2016.

Upon completing his matriculation at DIS, Philippe enrolled in the International Business program at the Rotterdam School of Management, at Erasmus University, where he plans to ultimately play a role in international business as an executive at a large multinational corporation (preferably in the fast-moving consumer goods industry or the tech industry; specifically, VR). 
Knowing he wanted to spend a portion of his post-high school years abroad, Philippe packed his bags and headed to Rotterdam, Netherlands, where he is currently working on a sustainability project through his degree program with the goal of eliminating food waste. The ultimate goal of the project is monitoring food in the fridge to ensure it is not left to rot using a product from an English company.
When asked specifically how DIS prepared him to be in the position he’s currently in, Philippe shared, “DIS allowed me to develop an incredibly strong work ethic in comparison to my peers. Coming from the FB program, I was used to having 4-hour exams every week and loads of homework. I was also used to explaining the theories behind every answer I gave to a question. The FB track required me to be so thorough in my work that when I first arrived to college, it was much easier for me to do well in classes.”
These strong analytical and critical thinking skills and resilient work ethic weren’t the only things DIS aided Philippe with for a successful future. “For me, my foreign language experience has had tremendous value, post-DIS. I enrolled in DIS in Mat 2 and my mom was French, so I had a little bit of foreign language background. However, at DIS, I studied French, English, Spanish, and Chinese. With the foreign language experience I received at DIS, I have earned a significant amount of credits toward my French minor,” explains Philippe.
In the next five years, Philippe sees himself managing a marketing team somewhere abroad, creating value for new products in new product markets. While he's not quite sure yet if sees himself as an ex-pat in the future, DIS made this notion more feasible for Philippe through emphasis on multiculturalism and foreign language immersion. Philippe describes, “One of the main benefits of being at a school like this is the cultural tolerance and knowledge I have gained from interacting with people from multiple backgrounds. By interacting with people from all around the world, I have been able to gain insight on opinions relating to sensitive issues, and understand how people are affected. I have learned to be accepting of people that are different from me and learned to collaborate and embrace their differences. This is useful when working in diverse teams at home or anywhere around the world.”
DIS truly wishes Philippe the best, and is grateful to have had such a charming individual throughout the years he spent with us. We hope Philippe accomplishes great things and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. Ending our discussion with Philippe, he provided these final words for current students and families, as well as prospective students and families, “Although DIS is small, it is a school that can prepare you for many different things in life and your career. As long as you use DIS as a stepping stone to achieve your goals, it will be one of the most beneficial things in the start of your young adult life. Don’t overlook the opportunity of language and cultural immersion from this school or you will have wasted a precious gift.” Bonne chance, Philippe!
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