Spanish Foreign Exchange Students Reflect on Time at DIS

As their time at Dallas International School comes to an end, Javier Sarobe and Arturo Sotillo, our 9th Pre-IB foreign exchange students from Aquinas American School in Spain, reflect on their experience here at DIS and in the United States. 

Both students attended DIS for one semester, from August 2018 to January 2019. Upon discussing his time here, Javier shared, “I have been in Dallas for 5 months now attending Dallas International School, and I think I have changed a lot. I had the occasion to see another way of thinking and another environment. DIS was great and our classmates welcomed us warmly. I learned a lot of things in every subject, especially improving my English and French. The program was really good and I got to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. I loved the experience and I really appreciated the chance to see a new country. I’ll miss DIS and I’m very thankful for this experience.”
Arturo Sotillo dijo, “Al principio, cuando llegué me pareció bastante raro tener que empezar las clases tan pronto, en nuestro caso el 16 de agosto. Todo era ajeno, una cultura diferente, un idioma distinto y sobretodo, las cosas son muy grandes en Texas.  Pero cuando ya llevamos más tiempo nos acostumbramos a la vida y la rutina aqui. Me pareció un buen colegio. Algo que destacaría es que es muy internacional ya que hay gente de todos los países. La gente es muy amigable, y los profesores son muy buenos. He aprendido muchas cosas relacionadas a las materias, y creo que en lo que más he mejorado a sido en el francés, ya que en el colegio la mayor parte de la gente es francesa con lo cual se escucha francés todo el tiempo, y aparte, mi clase de francés y mi profesora estaban bastante bien. Obviamente he mejorado el inglés (aunque ya sabía bastante)  al estar viviendo en Estados Unidos durante 5 meses.”
DIS offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. Studying abroad allows students to embark on new transformative experiences and is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance fluency and develop intercultural awareness. Students participating in an exchange program see their world view expanded and become a more well-rounded global citizen. We would like to take this opportunity to express our biggest thanks to the two DIS families that hosted Javier and Arturo during their time here. If you would like to learn more about the foreign exchange program, please contact Zahra Boudaoui.
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