Board Member Spotlight: Eric Corticchiato

Trace Levos

Eric Corticchiato is a DIS parent, successful business owner and a member of the DIS board. He has also traveled to Haiti three times with his family to support DIS' mission to build schools in the country, loves soccer, plays tennis and goes hiking whenever he can. 

Tell us a bit about your personal background.
I’m from Paris, France. I came to the U.S. about 35 years ago in 1982. I came here to get an MBA at the University of Dallas in international management. Then I opened my own company in 1993 called Eurosource Inc. We represent European manufacturers in the beverage industry. In my spare time, I love soccer and I play tennis. I ski, whenever I can in the winter. I also love hiking. I do a lot of reading and I love music, too. And of course, like any French person, I love good food.
How long have you and your family been involved at DIS? What originally attracted you to the school?
We actually knew the founder of the school, Jeanne Jeannin, and when she told us what they were going to do with the school, we knew that our future children would go to DIS. We didn’t even have children then. For my wife and me, being the binational and bicultural couple that we are, it was an obvious decision to make to put our kids in the school. We knew it was going to be a great school. So in 2006, our daughter started at DIS and has been there ever since. 
How long have you been serving on the board and what do you feel is most important that DIS parents understand about the board?
I’ve been on the board since November 2013. I think it’s important that parents know that the operational decisions of the school are left up to the administration. Some parents think the board is involved in operational decisions. But our goal is to define the short, medium and long-term strategy of the school. We try to make sure we can implement the strategy that we decide. We try to make sure the school is run in a proper financial way. We want to make sure the school stays true to our mission. The board works hard. We really want to accomplish all those goals. We meet eight or nine times a year to really make sure we keep a pulse on the school.
What is the board’s vision for the future of DIS?
I’m very much in tune with the board, and we board members work very strongly with each other. Every single board decision that we’ve had since I got there has been done unanimously. It’s important that parents know that we are all working toward the same goal. I know that we are trying to grow the school while still keeping true to what the school is all about. This is the only school in the Metroplex that can really and truly prepare children for the world of tomorrow. We still need to add to our school, and I think we will continue to progress in areas, like adding a gymnasium and adding a STEM lab. We are working toward adding things around the education to make ourselves a more complete school.
What is your favorite aspect about DIS?
I truly cannot list all the reasons why I love this school, because they are too numerous. But the quality of the education that our children are receiving in addition to the unique way we are preparing our children for the world of tomorrow is really what I love the best. We are giving them the best possible means to be successful and responsible in a society that will continue to evolve. The quality and diversity of the school is great. I love the students, I love the administration and teachers, the parents and the entire DIS community.
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