French Inspectors Visit DIS

Trace Levos

Last week, two inspectors from the French Ministry of Education, Mrs. Michèle Weltzer and Mr. Antoine Mioche, came to visit Dallas International School for a special purpose.

French President Emmanuel Macron tasked these inspectors with evaluating the French programs in all French schools abroad. The General Inspectors sent by President Macron are at the first level of leadership under the French Ministry of Education, and as such, are important decision-makers in the French educational system.
The inspectors chose a few specific schools from the 500 around the globe to visit. From the United States, only two schools were selected - one being DIS. Our school is truly regarded as a model of French education for the world.
These inspectors specifically came to analyze the linguistic strategies put in place at DIS and their effects on the learning process of our students. They also were highly interested in observing how DIS makes the French baccalauréat so competitive for college placement. Our language departments (French, English, Spanish, Mandarin and German) were the main focus of this visit, although many staff and faculty were involved as well. 
The inspectors were very pleased with our school and spent time visiting with administration, faculty, staff, students and parents from both campuses. They also had the opportunity to visit the Multilingual Theater Festival, which was hosted by DIS. Theater troupes from US sister schools were also in attendance.
We thank the inspectors for taking the time to visit our school, and we also thank all the DIS community who helped make sure our school shined as bright as ever.
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