DIS Welcomes New Deputy Head of Secondary

Trace Levos

Ms. Clémence Grosjean was recently named as the new deputy head of secondary. During her two day visit to campus, we sat down with Ms. Grosjean to get to know a little bit more about her and her first experiences at DIS.

The Dallas International School community will be sad to bid goodbye to deputy head of secondary Dr. François Pavé, his wife Frédérique and their daughter Louisa, as they depart for Peking, China at the end of the school year. The Pavé family has done much for DIS, and they will be sorely missed.
However, it is with an equal portion of enthusiasm that DIS welcomes Ms. Clémence Grosjean as the new deputy head of secondary. Ms. Grosjean, who was previously serving as a deputy head in Paris, will begin her new job in August, but she flew in to Dallas to meet with students, parents, staff and faculty to begin the administrative transition. Ms. Grosjean will also represent DIS at a seminar of MLF schools in New Orleans this week.
During her two day visit to campus, we sat down with Ms. Grosjean to get to know a little bit more about her and her first experiences at DIS.
So what has stood out to you as you’ve walked the hallways of both campuses during these two days?
“I thought it was very interesting. Both campuses are very alive with lots of projects. People were very welcoming. I think the administrative team is working very close. I think I will work very well with them. I really like the spirit of the administration. I really have enjoyed it so far. It’s so interesting.”
What excites you most about joining DIS?
“It will be really interesting to live in another country and get to know another culture, in Texas particularly. It will also be nice to fit in the job. I expect to do it quickly, to be great in my job.
“I would like to also get to know the students. I would love to hear their stories. I can’t wait to work with them and help them meet their goals. It’s what I love in my job. I love to help the students in every aspect of their lives, from classroom to activities, to well-being, everything. It’s not only the curriculum. I want them to feel good at school so they can feel great in everything they do.”
What do you want DIS parents to know about you?
“I’m so happy to be appointed to this position. It was a dream to come to America and work, so it’s a great opportunity. I’m living my American dream. I want them to know that I really will try to be as good as François Pavé. I want them to feel confident with me as they’ve felt with François.”
What about the students?
“They need to know that I love my job because of them. I work for them. I am very straight with them, but I love to help them. I can work with them and create a good atmosphere to work together.”
OK, besides the job, what are you most excited to try in America?
“I can’t wait to try BBQ and I would love to see a rodeo. Not participate in it myself, but just to watch.”
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