Lower School Students Visit Scottish Rite Hospital

Trace Levos

Students from the lower school got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, thanks to their fundraising efforts from this year's Rite Race. The $6,800 donation to the hospital was the largest in school history!

With giant check in hand, the 1st-4th grade students stood ready to have their picture taken at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in downtown Dallas.
These Dallas International School elementary schoolers just weeks earlier had excitedly participated in the annual Rite Race, a fun run that the school puts on to help raise funds for the hospital. A total of $115,285 has been raised for the hospital through the Rite Race over the years. The $6,800 donation this year was the one of the biggest contributions ever raised by the DIS community. To show their appreciation, the hospital invited the students down for the annual tour of their colorful facilities.
Mike Stimpson and Mandi Valdez are development officers at the hospital, and they led the tour.
Students were shown the various pieces of art and sculpture that had been donated to the hospital over the years. They saw model ships, various pieces of memorabilia from Dallas sports teams and even a large pirate ship stationed outside a bank of windows.
But the most popular part of the tour was when Stimpson and Valdez pulled out a number of prosthetic limbs constructed for young patients to use for various activities.
“This is really cool,” said one student, handling a prosthetic arm meant for use on a basketball court. “That is so cool they can shoot the ball with this!”
Students were then led down a hallway decorated with pictures of these same patients using special snow skis in the mountains of Colorado.
“I love to ski,” said one student. “We go to Colorado every year. I like that the hospital helps these kids ski, too.”
Once the tour concluded, students were treated to lunch and a few minutes on the specially built playground that serves children with all types of disabilities. Some of those children were on the playground at the same time as the DIS students.
After a few minutes, they were all playing and laughing together.
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