CM2 Students Record Live Radio Broadcast

Trace Levos

Led by French journalist Thierry Riera, some amazing 5th graders participated in a WebRadio training and recorded their first live radio broadcasts this week!

On Thursday, February 15, a group of CM2 students put on a live radio broadcast on WebRadio, an online listening platform.
Led by their teachers and French journalist Thierry Riera, the students worked for weeks to create the 10-minute broadcast in French, which included news, music, commentary and even a little bit of humor. The fifth-graders first learned about all aspects of the radio journalism business, including show creation, broadcast preparation, how to write for radio, jingle creation, commercial creation, sound mixing and more. Each student also took a different role on the broadcast: some acted as anchors, some as journalists, researchers, interviewers, interviewees, entertainers and technicians.
The project was entirely student-created, from the opening lines of the broadcast to the final sign-off. The show ultimately contained current news updates, including pieces on a triathlon, ice and President Trump. Funny games, such as attempting to guess certain sounds provided by a student sound mixer, were also played. There was even a piece of music: Beethoven’s Für Elise.
When the broadcast ended, the students removed their headphones, relieved. The teachers and other staff members who had come to watch and listen applauded thunderously while the newly-minted radio stars smiled and hugged each other.
Turn the volume up a bit the next time you’re in your car; these Tigres might be on.
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