Advanced Spanish Class Challenges Students

Carmen Nelson

Did you know that DIS has an advanced afterschool Spanish elective? Ms. Carmen Nelson teaches the class, and students are loving it! To help perfect their Spanish skills, they watch and analyze Spanish movies, read Latin American news, write essays and so much more.

Hola! This is Señora Carmen Nelson, and I would like to let you know how Spanish speakers can benefit from taking the after-school advanced Spanish elective.
If you speak Spanish at an almost-fluent or fluent level, you should consider this elective as an opportunity to practice your Spanish with other advanced students and to go more in depth with the Spanish language and culture. My goal for this class is for you to become more confident in speaking and writing Spanish.
Some of the activities that we are currently doing in class include:
  • Watching and commenting on Spanish movies
  • Acting as an newscaster and presenting Latin American news
  • Preparing small projects and presenting the lives of influential Hispanic figures
  • Working on reading comprehension of various texts from Latin American and Spanish authors
  • Writing short essays on different topics
  • Selecting and reading a book in Spanish from the library at your own pace
  • Occasionally refreshing and practicing Spanish grammar.
Due to the small class size, students are able to receive more personal attention and input from me than they would in a regular class, and they get to know (and love!) the small group of classmates, as they grow and develop their Spanish skills together. Although there is a grade at the end of the trimester, this is mostly to encourage students to do their best!
As long as students are enthusiastic about improving their Spanish, I guarantee that they will enjoy and benefit from this after-school elective.
Feel free to email me with any questions ( and I look forward to meeting some new Spanish amigos!
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