Interview with Julia Rad, Principal for the Day

Trace Levos

CE1 student Julia Rad had the privilege of serving as Principal for the Day on Wednesday, February 7. She was an energetic and tireless worker, but we managed to snag her for a few minutes in the middle of her busy schedule to talk about her special day.

What has been your favorite part of the day so far?
I got to bring cookies to my friends! It was cool because they were all so happy. Everybody was like, “Cookies! Yummy!” Also everyone at the library wanted to be with me too because I was Principal.
What else are you looking forward to doing today as Principal?
We added one hour in the middle recess and ordered pizza for my class. I’m going to surprise everyone with a movie, too.
What was the hardest task you’ve completed today?
Nothing was hard! It’s all been fun.
How does it feel to be principal of your school?
Awesome, great and exciting because I got to visit my class and read a book to the MS students about teeth! They asked me lots of questions.
Is being Principal harder than you thought it would be?
No way!
What is it like working with Mr. Lopez and the other leaders at DIS?
Silly! Mr. Lopez is very silly. Also I had an idea to have free dress day on Valentine’s Day and I presented it in the (DIS executive) meeting.
What advice would you give another student who gets to be Principal for the Day?
I’ll them that it’s extraordinary because it’s so much fun.
(Addressing Mr. Lopez) What leadership qualities has Julia shown while acting as principal?
She is very generous. She leads good actions for all the students. She has a great sense of community. She likes helping other students and she tries to use her position to help her class and classmates.
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