Education Must Be More Than the Essentials

More so today than ever, parents are concerned about what their children are taught during their years in school, and this is especially true for parents with children only just beginning the process.

It is in the younger years that long-term skills are discovered, developed and improved. The right schools take only the very best aspect of the United States’ educational system and combine it with the best of other systems to create a school designed with the education and success of the students.


Many schools will offer one option in regards to learning a second language and make taking such classes mandatory, but the structure of these classes is not even remotely similar to the way children learn their first language. Language is spoken as much with the body and emotions as it is with the voice, and children first learn about the world around them when they listen to their parents speak to them. An education worth having is one dedicated to providing an environment in which true learning may begin, and there are options available which offer a second language and teach it using immersion.

The Future

Too often, educators are forced to teach “to the test” so that test scores are as high as possible. This is the case because school funding is often determined by the testing scores, leaving some schools no choice but to focus all learning on what will specifically be tested at the end of the year. The right school will do none of this and leave you with the opportunity to truly set your child up properly for college or university and a future career.

Peace of Mind

When you choose an educational facility designed to improve the education of its students in every possible way, you receive peace of mind knowing the fact that experts are setting up your child for success. Dallas International School is located in the heart of Texas and is happy to help you determine if it is the best fit for your child and the vision you have for their ongoing education. A great education will start early and will place children on the right path toward making practical life choices while also striving to fulfill their dreams with hard work and determination. 
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