Students Hear Moroccan Princess Speak

Courtney Mawet & Noor Siddiqui
Some DIS students were able to attend a recent speech by Princess Lalla Joumalla of Morocco. Two of the those Tigres in attendance, Courtney Mawet and Noor Siddiqui, wrote about what they experienced as they listened to the Princess speak.

Courtney Mawet: This past Tuesday, several students went to the Ursuline Academy of Dallas to hear the Ambassador of Morocco to the United States, Princess Lalla Joumala, speak. Among the students were Student Council members and students of Moroccan origin. The students had the opportunity to hear Her Highness lecture many Ursuline students learning Arabic and students from other schools.
Her Highness spoke about powerful Moroccan women, such as the first Moroccan woman to be an Olympic athlete, and the importance of raising strong women today. Her Highness also spoke about how she was raised in a diverse environment and how it shaped her.
Noor Siddiqui: It was an honor getting to meet Lalla Joumala, princess and Ambassador of Morocco to the United States. As an American with Moroccan origins, learning more about the country and its importance was eye-opening. From raising awareness for women’s rights to educating us on the cultural diversity of Morocco, Lalla Joumala enamored the audience with not only her high prestige and education, but also her passion and drive for making our world a better place.
As the first woman Moroccan Ambassador to our country, Her Highness has already marked a milestone for our era and Moroccan history at a global scale. She has driven the girls listening to her speech to rid themselves of the stereotypes of what the woman represents, the clichés that have so long confined not only Moroccan women, but all women to be underestimated. Lalla Joumala is the prime example of a successful woman pioneer. One of the quotes that resonates with me from her speech is, "There is no doubt about the progress that has been made, but there are nevertheless challenges that women must meet to ensure full respect for their rights around the world, a company that calls for the contribution of women. Each and every woman must unite with a view to breaking down the last barriers that still prevent women to reach their potential".
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