Staff Spotlight: Lynsey Stacks, School Nurse

Have you met Lynsey Stacks, the DIS nurse? She's one of a kind, and while her main office is at the Churchill campus, she makes sure that all students on both campuses are in tip-top shape when it comes to their health.

Meet Lynsey Stacks, the nurse at Dallas International School. More than just boo-boos and Band-Aids, Ms. Stacks oversees the health and wellness of students while they are at school and liaisons with families, administration and medical care resources. 
Drawing from her education and experience as an LVN working with children for three years before joining DIS in May 2017, Ms. Stacks provides the leadership for the safety, effectiveness and impact on practice of school nursing services on the Churchill and Waterview campuses.
Under Ms. Stack’s leadership, the coordination of care for the students at DIS includes the following:

Direct Care
    • Administering first aid and medication
    • Assessing and treating minor medical conditions that occur during a school day
    • Screening and referral for health conditions
    School Health Policies
    • Developing and evaluating policies including physical and mental health promotion, protection and intervention
    • Coordinating programs related to health, wellness and the management of chronic or infectious diseases, acute illnesses, emergency medical conditions and crises/disasters
    Healthy School Environment
    • Updating and maintaining confidential student health records in alignment with state and local agencies, including immunizations
    • Participating in environmental safety monitoring and implementing plans for prevention and management of school violence, bullying, disasters and terrorism events
    Health Education
    • Providing education and training for teachers, staf, and administrators related to medical equipment such as the AED, Epi Pens and inhalers, as well as emergency response procedures such as CPR, in which Ms. Stacks is a certified instructor
    Ms. Stacks has also worked as a nurse in Guatemala, cared for children who are trach and ventilator dependent, and served as head nurse in a fast-paced pediatric clinic.
    Ms. Stacks works in conjunction with the school counselors and teaching staff to create educational environments designed to sustain the students’ learning readiness and maximize their personal levels of physical, social and emotional wellness. Whether facilitating a positive student response to normal development, promoting health and safety, intervening with actual and potential health problems, providing case management services or actively collaborating with others, Ms. Stacks has the best interests of the students at DIS at heart.

    Nurse Lynsey Stacks can be found during school hours on the Lower Campus (Churchill) four days a week and at the Upper Campus (Waterview) one day each week. Contact her at or at (972)-991-6379 ext. 4103.
    6039 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230
    Tel: (972) 991-6379; Fax: (972) 991-6608
    17811 Waterview Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75252
    Tel: (469) 250-0001; Fax: (214) 570-4900