The Benefits of Multilingualism

Dallas International School helps prepare children to make lasting relationships in this increasingly global world through its multilingual educational practices.

Children who experience a strong education in two or more languages receive a wide range of benefits, not only in their ability to communicate with others but in their empathetic and cultural capacities, too. Children are extremely adept at learning multiple languages at a young age, and it is possible for a child to learn three or more languages with relative fluidity by the time they reach the age of eight. However, this is only truly possible if learning is started very early. A child’s mind is remarkably gifted, and it must be so if a child is to learn how to walk, speak and otherwise interpret the world around them as they begin to mature.
With more languages learned, a child will have significantly greater abilities to communicate with those around him or her in such a way that is meaningful and easy. This communication may be limited to close family at first, but your child’s connections with the world around them will grow and become farther reaching until they have the opportunity to meet friends worth keeping a lifetime. Cultural and generational boundaries are often difficult to cross with fluidity unless you have more than one language available to you, allowing you to more easily spread out your connections.
Many schools, such as the Dallas International School, take it upon themselves to promote not only a deeper understanding of the many different cultures around students, but to offer them a practical skill. Children who know more than one language, such as French and English, are better capable of travel throughout the world without fear of running into a language barrier at the worst possible moment. This additional language will also offer greater opportunities in a working environment, especially in areas with a large population of residents who primarily speak the second language. Learning more than one language now will also improve a child’s ability to learn additional languages later on, such as Spanish, Italian and more.
Better Grades
Through many decades of careful study, researchers have collectively discovered bilingual children score higher on tests involving problem-solving and creative thinking, as learning more than one language will improve the ability to consider tangible problems in more than one way. Children who learn multiple languages are also better able to pay attention during mental tasks, and they are often faster at spotting patterns or even creating patterns in seemingly random images. The result is that you will see your child improve across the board in their educational system using this spectacular schooling technique. 
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