DIS Board Member Spotlight: Pierre Mawet

Trace Levos
Pierre Mawet is a DIS parent, a business consultant and president of the DIS board of directors. But did you also know he's ridden a bike across the continental United States? We sat down with Mr. Mawet to learn more about him, his family and the goals of the DIS board.

1. Tell us a bit about your personal background.
I am originally from the small town of Herve, outside of Liege, Belgium. That’s where I grew up. I attended the University of Liege and graduated with degrees in Economics and Business Administration. After graduation, I worked for the family business for a year before moving to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University where I earned my MBA. At SMU, I got a diploma, a job and a wife since that’s where Sharon and I met. We were classmates. Upon graduation, I started my supply chain consulting career at Ernst & Young. I am still in supply chain consulting but I am now with Accenture and have been there for 12 years. I lead our Supply Chain Practice in Energy. Outside of work, I am a long distance cyclist. I am fortunate to live in Texas where the weather is good enough to allow me to ride all year round. In 2014, I took a couple of months off from work and with the support of my family, was able to ride cross country: 3,400 miles from LA to Boston. It was a great cycling experience and I hope to do something like that again. Some of my friends from the cross country tour completed the Cesar ride this year from London to Rome. That’s definitely on the list.
2. How long have you and your family been involved at DIS?
We enrolled Pierre, our first born, in 2003 and Courtney in 2005 so we have been at DIS for 14 years. Being from Belgium, Sharon and I wanted our children to be bilingual and multi-cultural. Since I am on the road a lot, we felt that DIS was the best choice for us to ensure our children would speak French. As our kids grew up at DIS, DIS grew up as well and given the quality of the education and the overall experience for our children, DIS is the place to be in the Dallas area.
3. How long have you been serving as board president?
I joined the Board of Directors in 2013 and was asked to serve as President in 2014. I am very fortunate to serve on the Board of Directors with such a great group of people who are extremely dedicated and passionate about the future of DIS. What most people at DIS may not know is that the Board’s bylaws specify that only half the Board can be parents. What this means is that half of our members do not have a direct connection to the school such as a child attending the school or a relative working at DIS. Yet, they share an equal passion for the mission of our school and are significantly invested in our success.
4. What is your favorite aspect of DIS?
Having been at DIS for almost 15 years, there are many memories. Every first day of school is a special day for us and gives us the opportunity to look at pictures and see how much the kids have changed. It is pretty amazing to think that our son is now a Senior and that this year’s first day of school was his last one at DIS. It was not that long ago that he started in Maternelle with a backpack half his size. The annual gala is always a great event for our school and fun to attend. Last year was pretty special for me as I had the pleasure on behalf of the Board to present the friendship award to the Kozah family. Special people who have been part of our school for so long have done so much for DIS.
5. What is the board's vision for the future of DIS?
The DIS Board meets at least on a monthly basis to discuss many topics. We currently are in year three of our five year strategic plan and we continue to discuss ways to enhance the DIS experience for our students, staff and families. Over the last three years, we have approved many improvement projects such as the new soccer field at Churchill, the renovation of the fourth floor at Waterview, the new playground at Waterview and many more. Our goal is to continue making improvements to the school while remaining fiscally responsible and work closely with the headmaster and his staff to ensure DIS is well positioned for the future as a premier private school in the Dallas area.
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