Five Benefits of an International Education

It is difficult to truly have an understanding of different cultures if you never get the chance to learn about them on a deeper level. Click here to learn more about how DIS offers this opportunity to all of its students!

When gaining an education in the United States, you have the chance to meet some of the most interesting people in the world due to just how many people visit this nation from all corners of the globe. However, it is difficult to truly have an understanding of different cultures if you never get the chance to learn about them on a deeper level. To help give your child what they need to fully face a world filled with many different cultures, languages and backgrounds, enrolling them in an international school such as Dallas International School (DIS) is the best choice.
New Environments
When visiting an international school such as DIS, you will quickly begin to understand just why this is beneficial for your children. By receiving a valuable education built to set them up for success as adults, the children who attend an international school learn to speak both English and French using immersion, the same way children learn their very first spoken language. International schools house students from all over the world who speak different languages, eat different foods, wear different clothing and much more.
Best of Two Worlds
Using a combination of the best aspects associated with the U.S. and French educational systems, your children will be encouraged to associate the lessons they learn with their environment. Classes are small enough for individual support, as necessary, but large enough for students to feel as if they are part of a larger whole. The teachers who head each class undergo years of education and training before taking the helm of their first class, ensuring your children are taught by the best.
Children who regularly interact with those of a different culture are better able to communicate with and understand others as adults and are more likely to be accepting of another person’s differences. In addition, a child with the ability to speak two languages at a young age will find it significantly easier to learn a third or even fourth language in the future so that they may further improve their ability to communicate with those around them. English, French, Spanish, Italian and many more languages are not out of the realm of possibility, and a child particularly gifted in learning languages may even eventually make a career from the knowledge they first acquire at DIS. 
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