Staff Spotlight: Kelley Loyd, Lower School Counselor

Ever wonder what the Lower School Counselor does or why the Churchill campus needs one? Kelley Loyd, the Lower School Counselor, has been supporting the DIS community since her arrival in August 2014. Read more about her here!

Ever wonder what the Lower School Counselor does?
Why does the Churchill campus need one? 
Ms. Kelley Loyd, the Lower School Counselor on the Churchill Way campus, has been supporting the DIS community since her arrival in August 2014.
Holding a master’s degree in school counseling and Texas certifications in teaching and counseling, Ms. Loyd plays a collaborative and integral part in maximizing student success inside and outside the classroom.
There is no average day in the life of a school counselor, but Ms. Loyd has the following duties: counseling students individually or in small groups, consulting teachers, staff, and administration, communicating with parents, teaching, coordinating referrals and special programs and providing information for and to community resources.
Among the services that Ms. Loyd provides in addressing the social and emotional development are the Character Education program and the Conflict Management (Kelso) program. These programs are supported through classroom guidance lessons and school-wide promotion during the day. During individual and small group sessions with students regarding friendship or a personal concern, Ms. Loyd is there to give students the opportunity to share feelings and concerns, help them cope with difficult life events, develop problem solving ability and teach decision-making skills.   
In addition to these responsibilities, Ms. Loyd oversees the Voyage Program in developing students further toward becoming productive, global citizens of the world. 
Ms. Kelley Loyd can be reached at or (972) 991-6379
How can she help you? 
6039 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230
Tel: (972) 991-6379; Fax: (972) 991-6608
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