A Conversation with Kari Bird

Trace Levos
We sat down with Kari Bird, the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Parent Volunteer Award, to talk about her experiences volunteering at DIS.

Kari Bird served as the Gala Chair during the 2016-17 school year, putting on the Celebrate Our World gala, one of the most successful events in DIS history. She and her husband, Richard, have a fourth-grader and a seventh-grader at DIS. 

Q: What do you feel like was the biggest lesson you learned from being gala chair/volunteering during the 2016-17 school year?
A: It is difficult to narrow down the biggest lesson, since I learned so many. I really appreciated the way a variety of parents, teachers and staff collaborated and persevered throughout the year to pull off a giant gala event with several moving parts.
Q: What was the biggest challenge that came from being gala chair?
A: I think DIS community members are passionate about our school and it's mission. Every year we face the challenge of maximizing fundraising dollars to provide the greatest possible benefit to students.
Q: What would be your piece of advice to parents that are looking for ways to get involved at DIS?
A: Read your room parent messages and attend PTO General Meetings to learn about volunteer opportunities that match your skill set and schedule.
Q: What do you hope your children learned from watching you volunteer at the school?
A: I hope they learned that I'm strongly invested in both them and their school. Plus, it won't be long until they're too embarrassed to see me around campus, so I need to volunteer while I still can!
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