Students Participate In Community Toy Drive

Trace Levos
Students at the lower school teamed up with parents and teachers to help children in need for the holidays.

The voices of over 100 children began to sing in unison as the song they knew too well started playing on the projection screen.
“Everywhere around us there are signs of hope,” the children sang in French as images of themselves smiling, racing and wrapping toys flashed across the screen. Just three weeks earlier, they had participated in a toy drive put on by Community Partners of Dallas (CPD). The students had worked together with their parents and teachers in a race to wrap the stuffed animals that they had donated for needy children. They had also learned and practiced a song that helped them understand why giving is important. Corinne Karp, a representative from CPD, had come to pick up the toys.
“I’m just so overwhelmed by these kids,” Karp said. “I’m so glad I was able to say a few words to them before they started singing that song, because I wouldn’t have been able to say anything after hearing that.”
CPD has put on the toy drive for years. In 2016, they were able to collect over 11,000 toys which will be distributed to needy children this week. The students at DIS contributed over 350 of those.
“We help kids who aren’t in the best situations,” Karp told the children. “We are so grateful to you for helping them out this holiday season.”
The students cheered when they heard the number of toys that would be distributed in their community.
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