Evan Rose, Principal For a Day

Trace Levos
Ever wondered what it would be like to be principal of DIS? One student found out!

Evan Rose speaks pretty confidently over a loudspeaker, considering he’s just nine years old.
“This is Evan Rose, school principal,” Rose said. “I have an announcement. Next Tuesday, we will watch videos in the cafeteria during lunch. Students will get to choose what videos we watch. Have a great day.”
Satisfied with his schoolwide decree, Rose hangs up the phone. He then starts drafting up an email to the entire staff to reinforce his announcements. Though his feet don’t come close to touching the floor while sitting in his high-backed leather chair, his hands fly across the keyboard. Luckily, the “Principal for a Day” had a couple minutes to spare to chat with me about his experience running the school.
“I like going around in the classes and meeting other people,” Rose said. “I also saw some of my friends.”
“Principal for a Day” happens every year, and it’s always a hit for the student who gets the privilege to accompany Dr. Mehdi Lazar throughout the entire school day. But it’s not all fun and games.
“The meetings are hard,” Rose said. “You have to figure out what you have to do with the whole school.”
Indeed, Rose participated in all facets of the principal experience, including several meetings spread throughout the day, chatting with prospective parents at an admissions event and visiting classrooms to encourage his students.
“I told them not to waste their work time,” Rose said. “Because work time is important.”
Dr. Lazar sees a lot of promise in his young protégé.

“Evan has been able to maneuver and navigate the complex landscape of being principal with ease,” Lazar said. “He’s been able to adapt to all situations. He’s truly a great principal.”
Rose nods at his mentor in appreciation, politely bids me goodbye and turns back to his computer. He has work to do. 
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