6th Grade Through 9th Grade

Middle School, called Collège in France, starts in 6th grade and is a four-year course. At Dallas International School, the Middle School curriculum is based on the program provided by France’s Ministry of Education. In addition, DIS is blending English language courses that will allow students to graduate as bilingual and bicultural young adults. Students have a different teacher for each subject. They are experts in their field and lead students into discovering new content and new ideas, solving complex problems, and becoming more autonomous learners, ready for High School.

At the end of Grade 9, the Diplôme National du Brevet (National Diploma of Certification) evaluates the knowledge and skills students have developed throughout Middle School. For the DNB, students take written exams in math, French, history-geography and sciences. They also have to take an oral test about a specific project they have developed during their years in Middle School.
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