Student Philanthropy

Jeanne Jeannin Fund

Mme. Jeannin, the founder of DIS, helped students and parents alike who came here from other countries with little to nothing but had a great desire to succeed and achieve the American dream. In keeping with this same spirit, this fund helps support students who face hardship but show the determination and drive to work hard and better their lives.

Race for a Cause

Each year, students from first through fourth grade participate in an on-campus race to raise funds for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Kids, one of the country’s top pediatric centers in treating orthopedic conditions. The annual Rite Race kicked off in 2004, and sponsors pledge a dollar amount for each lap completed, or even offer a lump sum for the entire race.

Haiti BuildOn Project

DIS students raise money through various initiatives in order to help fund the building of schools in impoverished areas in Haiti. Students have also traveled to Haiti to help build the schools themselves.

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