Ages 11 and up
Build a Beat - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:00pm - Waterview Campus - $240/week
Learn to create rap beats. Your instructor will teach secrets and shortcuts that make hip-hop production easy. Throughout the week, you will learn the same beat-making software as the producers for Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Migos, and Travis Scott. Each day of camp, you will create a new, original hip-hop beat. At the end of the week, choose your best beat, and the instructor will have a Dallas-area rapper record a verse on it! (an age-appropriate verse with no school-inappropriate content)
DJ Lab - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:00pm - Waterview Campus - $185/week
Learn to create a special atmosphere with music in this fun and creative DJ camp. Your dj instructor will teach the technical skills needed to smoothly transition each track to the next. The class will cover: Beat matching, Mixing, Track Structure, Blending and more.
Clay Studio - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - Waterview Campus - $200/week
Experience the magic of creating objects from clay. Learn the various techniques used and become familiar with the tools. You will take home your creations to impress family and friends.

Bon Appétit - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:00pm - Waterview Campus - $240/week
Learn to cook French meals and desserts! In this class, students will dive into a fun and interactive cooking experience. They will learn about fresh food and cooking techniques. Each day, we will discover a different menu and the dishes are prepared from scratch. The best part is that your young chefs will take home a delicious homemade treat to share with the family. This course is taught in both English and French. Students are placed in groups by age.

Sew Cool 
9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - Waterview Campus - $200/week
Whether you are new to sewing or have already learned the basics, there will be plenty to learn in this half-day sewing workshop. You will start with basic tools and techniques and learn to make stitches with a sewing machine. Space is limited.
Sculpture Studio 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm Waterview Campus - $200/week
Students will explores various techniques and materials to create unique three dimensional works that will be displayed on campus.
On Stage - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - Waterview Campus - $200/week
This workshop will focus on the basic skills needed to become an actor: vocal projection, stage presence, movement, etc. Campers will work on short pieces that they will perform on stage at the end of the week.
Photography - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - Waterview Campus - $240/week
This fun digital photography workshop teaches students how to use the elements of photography to take better shots and develop their interest and skills in the art of digital photography. Our young photographers will learn how to operate and care for a camera, practice taking pictures and learn to look for light, shadows, shapes and more. We will work on editing our photos, and then choose our favorite one to be printed and taken home.


Gloves On! - 9:00-12:00 - Waterview Campus - $185/week
Lace up your boxing gloves and get ready to learn the basic skills and techniques of boxing:  stance, guard, movements and punches.

The Chess Minds
- 9:00-12:00 - Waterview Campus - $185/week
From basic moves to complex tactics and strategies, there will be plenty to learn in these exciting chess camps. While learning tactics and strategies, our campers will develop skills such as critical thinking and concentration and enhance their mental discipline. Each session will include outside of the box puzzles proven to be excellent in developing children’s minds. All levels are welcome.
Tennis Camp - 9:00-12:00 - Waterview Campus - $185/week
In this half-day morning camp the students start the day with warm-up exercises followed by level-appropriate training: eye-hand coordination, balance, footwork, grip, and strokes. Students must bring their own racket.
OmniSports - 9:00-12:00 - Waterview Campus - $185/week
Sportsmanship, team work and self-confidence are some of the skills our campers will acquire while playing games in a positive and fun learning environment.

Programming with Arduino - 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - $200/week - Waterview Campus
Arduino is a fundamental tool for understanding the basics of programming and robotic. Using simple functions, students will understand how to manipulate and to control a simple electronic object. At the same time, they will be allowed to reinforce, enrich and structure the knowledge acquired in programming classes and develop the ability to use a programming language in different fields as well as prepare for learning methods, problem solving, reasoning and logic.
Programming in Swift -9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - $200/week - Waterview Campus
This class's goal is to understand the basics of MacOS and its environment of development. Swift is an easy to learn, powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive. Students will assimilate the basics of programming in Swift and will apply what they learned through short period projects and exercises.


Creative Writing - Waterview Campus - $180/week
Creative Writing is designed for students to create original forms of descriptive writing, poetry, drama and fiction. Students will practice writing on the following themes: narration, definition, process analysis, cause and effect, and comparison/contrast. We will explore vocabulary development, all through the realm of creative writing techniques. The goal is to help students improve their self-expression and self-editing skills.
College Essay Writing - Waterview Campus - $180/week
Looking for a course to sharpen your writing skills and prepare for the college essay process? Well, here's your chance!  This class will give you the necessary direction to create an original and effective essay. We will learn how to choose appropriate topics and themes, how to structure essays as a coherent and flowing piece, and how to convey ideas through engaging and active language.

Boost your French
- 9:00-12:00 or 12:30-3:30pm - Waterview Campus - $180/week
This half-day camp led by certified French teachers will be enriching for all non-native speakers of French. Using a combination of fun activities (games, songs, art) and more academic projects, our teachers will help the students reach the next level in their use of the French language, both written and oral.


Guitar Lessons - as of 3:45pm - $240/week
Guitar lessons are semi-private and meet for 45-minute minutes each day.   Students may pick their slot (3:45-4:30 / 4:30-5:15 / 5:15-6:00) when they enroll.

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