Talent Show

The annual DIS Talent Show is always a hit! Directed by Lorraine Gachelin with invaluable support from Fanny Kerwich-Doyle - Founder and Creative Director of Lone Star Circus, this event is open to elementary and secondary students, staff and teachers and produces a wide variety of acts such as hip-hop routines, vocalists, skits, circus acts and more. For many students, this is an opportunity to perform the skills they have learned through classes in our After School Activity Program.
Now, a DIS tradition, the show offers our students a platform to share their creativity, skills and talents with you, our community.  Hard work, dedication, teamwork and resilience are necessary to create a successful show and and participants all do their part to ensure a successful event.
Each year, we see students audition and perform annually and we are also presented with new artists ready to grace the stage.  An encouraging spirit is always offered by the audience showing full support of the participants.


"It's Showtime!" 
took place on Tuesday, March 10, 6pm at the Churchill campus.

Thank you to all the students who shared their talents with our community!  And a big thank you to Mr. Franck Philipp, Churchill campus Director, for his performance.

    • Talent Show 2020

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