Distance Learning Reflection

Now the school year has come to a close, we have taken the time to reflect on our work over the past 4 months making the transition from in-classroom to distance learning. The encouraging feedback from our students and parents has helped us persevere through these unprecedented times, making us even more determined to succeed in giving our students the best quality education they deserve.
We are also taking this as a time to reflect on making the distance learning even better for our students in the fall. Based on one of our scenarios planned, many of you will be experiencing the hybrid learning of attending school in classroom and through distance learning. Using this time, we will at some of the latest e-education technology that will ensure our students make the most out of this period.
I leave with you some moving testimonials left by our parent community over the course of the past couple months. A big thank you once again, to the DIS community for your ongoing support through these unusual times. We will get through this together.

"My husband and I have been telling everyone how proud we are of our school community. We're so thankful for your leadership and that of Mr. Philipp during this time of uncertainty and stress. Your anticipation of this worldwide crisis and the Herculean amount of effort you all have put into providing such a smooth transition and reassuring presence for our children will never be forgotten.
Like many parents we will continue to work during this time. My husband will work full time from home as a software engineer while I continue to care for my patients and prepare for the time ahead. Doctors and nurses and hospitals are working tirelessly to be ready when people need us. I am hopeful that the effort everyone is putting into social distancing will spare us the worst of what could be. Your decision to move to virtual classrooms I think will literally save lives. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I also appreciate Mr. Philipp so much. My husband tells me that during the maternelle meeting tonight there were questions about tutors and sharing childcare duties among families and Mr. Philipp stayed dutifully "on message" by encouraging families to stay home. Thank you.
Be well. Stay home. Wash your hands. Get some sleep.
Best regards,"
Elizabeth Hawes

"Merci pour votre message et pour votre leadership depuis le début de l‘ épidémie. Votre équipe fait un travail formidable en étant à l’ecoute, mais sans pour autant trop concéder à l’anxiété ambiante. Comme l’a justement dit Monsieur Philip, “one day at a time.” Nous travaillerons ensemble pour faire de cette situation sans précédent, un nouveau normal. Et les enfants s’adaptent facilement pour l’instant, c est le plus important.

Bien à vous."
Virginie (Mar 18)

"We greatly appreciate all your efforts and excellent management in DIS."
Minoo & Tahmoures Elyasi (Mar 16)
"We fully trust you as you do the best for our children. The communication has been unprecedented. 
Thank you!"
Dr Jessie Zarazaga

"You have all done an amazing job in a short amount of time. We appreciate your gallant efforts. Well done!! 

Thank you,"
Yvette Wheeler, Peter Everitt
"Thanks for all your hard work and leadership.  Your emails are encouraging and we feel like you have rolled out this online learning really well.  We are glad to have our daughter at DIS at a time like this!"
M’Liss Stringer (Mar 18)
"I’m very proud of you and DIS for how you are handling this crisis. I have spoken with many parents in different schools in several States, and given the challenges, you and the DIS teachers, faculty, and staff are doing great. Glad to be a part of the DIS community!"
James Johanns (Mar 24, 2020)
"Je tenais à vous remercier pour les classes virtuelles que vous avez mises en place. Je me rends compte que nous avons de la chance d’avoir un tel système pour continuer les cours et amener un semblant de normalité à nos enfants pour leur fin d’année scolaire.
Mathieu est très content, et nous aussi parce que tout était simple et qu’il n’a pas eu de souci au démarrage, il a pu se débrouiller tout seul depuis le début.
J’ai vu aussi le nouveau contenu de la newsletter Globe hier, très adapté.
Merci de vos efforts, a vous et tout le staff de DIS, prenez soin de vous et bon courage.

Bien à vous,"
 Frederique Sanna (Mar 22, 2020)

"We wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for everything that you and the entire school’s staff and teachers are doing to keep the kids engaged and learning. We have been amazed by how fast DIS has been able to switch to on-line school and how smooth the transition has been. Ariana had her first full day of virtual classroom today and she was ecstatic to see her teachers and friends. It surely was a much needed break from the social isolation we are all experiencing.
Mme. Dubourg, you have done a phenomenal job in getting the students up and running on Google hangout and making sure they continue learning, while still feeling a sense of being connected. Truly outstanding work!
We are dealing with unprecedented challenges, but through your amazing leadership you are making the “new” normal a bit easier to digest. Thank you, thank you, for all you are doing.
If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Stay safe and healthy,"
Eva and Mark Steer (19 Mar)

"Thank you so much for your and the DIS staff ‘s efforts and hard work. It is greatly appreciated, we will get through this hard time together.
Have a great day.

Mona (18 Mar)
"I would like to thank you for your hard work during the last few weeks, the first day online was a success. The platform worked very well, the students were engaged, and I think that we gave to the students a very good image of the school.

As a teacher, I felt very comfortable to begin with the online course and I am not an expert in technology. I can work and learn more about many details but for sure we were very well prepared for the challenge as a team!

Thanks for sharing online resources as well!
So, a big thank you to everyone!

Kind regards,"
Valerie JADE DE RIOS (19, March)
Spanish Teacher and curriculum coordinator. 
French Bac Foreign languages coordinator

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