Letter from Head of School
Dear DIS parents and families,
It’s been quite a year for sure!
As the school year of 2019-2020 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the unwavering commitment to support our school. From volunteering, class-room monitoring, donating to chaperoning, your efforts to help our students have made huge contributions to the continuous growth of Dallas International School. Without your encouragement, endless positivity, generous knowledge-sharing and devotion to our teachers and staff, the journey getting here would not have been the same. We also recognize that communicating with DIS families extensively during this time has been key to ensure that we have stayed connected with one another in vulnerable times and we will continue to provide this level of community support.

These past few months have shown how we are stronger and better when as a community we are united with the same goal in mind: the education of your children, our students. Let me say now again how thankful I am to our faculty, our school and campus directors for the way they led and supported day after day this new experience of distance learning.

The recent turn of tragic events in the past week has also reminded us the importance of DIS’s core values including empathy, respect and integrity. As part of the school’s mission, we thrive on giving our students a culturally-enriched understanding of the world, highlighting the importance of inclusion of all backgrounds, ethnicity and religion. Discrimination in all forms including racism goes against the pillars of our institution and we will continue to educate our students to respect differences while celebrate cultural diversity throughout their entire educational career at DIS.

Allow me to provide an update of plans as we break into the summer.
Plans for the coming school year 2020-2021:
Please refer to Q&A section on the main COVID-19 page for our plans for reopening.
Congratulating our Seniors for their Achievements. 
Allow me to congratulate once again our seniors for being admitted to the following colleges and universities: 

In the US, Georgetown, John Hopkins, The University of Michigan, Vanderbilt, Villanova and Wake Forest, Rice University, The Air Force Academy, Macalester, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Austin.

In Canada: Mc Gill, HEC Montreal, Concordia, Université de Montréal

The UK:  University of Exeter, University of Bristol and University of Manchester

In France: xxx

In the rest of Europe: University of Brussels, (Belgium): Utrecht University, (The Netherlands): Maastricht University (The Netherlands): Toulouse Business School, Barcelona, (Spain).
I would like to wish our senior students a very successful start to college life. Stay in touch!

To all our students who have earned a well-deserved summer break, look out for more updates over the summer from DIS.
Stay safe everyone!
Catherine Lévy
Head of School, Dallas International School

Lower School Campus

6039 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230
Tel: (972) 991-6379; Fax: (972) 991-6608

Upper School Campus

17811 Waterview Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75252
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