Afterschool Programs

At DIS, we believe in helping students learn outside of the classroom. Academics are important, but we also strive to help students better their minds, hearts and bodies through arts and athletics.
The artistic expression of our students is an essential part of their education. Learning to sing or play an instrument before an audience, express an emotion through painting or sculpting or take on the characteristics of another through a theatrical performance develops confidence and self-awareness in a student. It enriches their life.

Through participation in athletics, our goal is to develop a competitive character in our student-athletes. As a member of an athletic team, students will learn to be strong leaders, communicators, hard workers and learn to achieve a common goal through teamwork. 
Our goal at DIS is to give our students a well-rounded, international education that will help them become truly global citizens.

For questions and more information, please contact the lower school programs coordinator, Sergio Franklin, or the upper school programs coordinator, Maria Gdalina.
What are students saying about DIS Theater classes?

"What I like about theater is that it helps you overcome your stage fright. It is a fun and exciting activity and you can make new friends."
~ Sophia, 6th grade

"I learn how to improvise. I feel confident now when I read my essays in class."
~ Elena Sofia, 6th grade

"I like Drama class because it can start a career for me. I obtained presentation skills."
~ Nils, 5th grade

"I like doing plays and being dramatic. I had no idea it would be this awesome! Not only I learn to speak in front of people, but I enjoy it!" ~ Natalia, 6th grade


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Shari Bow

    Ms. Shari Bow 

    Head of Student Affairs (Churchill Way)
    Concordia University - MS - Organizational Leadership
  • Jeannette Dickey 

  • Photo of Sergio Franklin

    Mr. Sergio Franklin 

    Sergio Franklin
    Athletics Director

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