Off-Campus Language Program

If your child's school does not offer a foreign language program, ensuring your child has access to such opportunities can be truly challenging. Schools wishing to implement foreign language programs must struggle to find qualified language instructors who specialize in working with young children, and who are native speakers of the target language. If the school lacks the means to offer full-time employment, challenges remain, even if they have been successful in locating an excellent instructor.

That's where we come in. The Dallas International School is part of the global Mission Laïque Française, founded in 1902 to promote bilingual, multicultural education throughout the world beginning in the early, pre-school years. Our core, pre-K through 12 curriculum features not only foreign language education itself, but teaching other subjects in a foreign language, as well. That requires exceptional competency.

Engaging The Language Institute to provide a foreign language program for your school enables you to give your children extraordinary opportunities in foreign language education from day one- without the administrative challenges, high overhead expenses, and quality concerns.

If your school has already started offering after school language classes through our Language Institute and you would like to enroll your child, please fill out the application form available at the top of this page and return it to us.

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