Corporate Education

Do your executives travel to France, Mexico, Argentina or China for business? Do they get frustrated by not being able to communicate in a language other than English? Do you have a hard time communicating in English with your employees?

We are here to help!

Our on-site language classes can provide you and your employees with the necessary skills to better function in in the work environment as well as in the countries traveled to.

How do we proceed?
  • We consult with you and design a course that is relevant to your needs and your industry.
  • We appoint an instructor who will best fit your group or single employee's personality.
  • We organize our schedule around yours.
  • We come to your offices to conduct the training.
  • We measure the progress made.

Learning Foreign Languages at the Office
For today's globally-interconnected businesses, DIS Language Institute instructors can deliver language classes at your office facilities. Our instructors are professional qualified native speakers of English, French, Spanish and other available languages. These language classes will provide your employees with the tools necessary to communicate more efficiently and thereby increase your company's growth potential. Specialized programs can be custom-designed to fit the needs of your industry. You will find that our language programs are not only intense but also flexible.

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