Churchill Campus


My name is Franck Philipp and I am honored to be the new Dallas International School Head of Primary.  I would like to share some of my educational background with you.

I received my Bachelor’s degree at Trinity College in Dublin, a Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Lille in France, and a master in Anthropology. I was awarded my teacher certification from the French Ministry of Education in 2006 and began the first three years of my teaching career in the North of France.

I joined the Dallas International community nine years ago as an elementary school teacher.  I then held the position of Cycle 3 coordinator for two years. I learned so much while collaborating with all of my colleagues, heads of campuses, staff, and parents. Although the ones I learned the most from are all the students whom I had the great privilege to teach. Our children, this is why we are here today. We all have the same goal : providing our students - your children - with the best education possible. Teaching is not a job, it is a gift. 

Dallas International School is a great school.  Here at DIS, I met a community where I now belong.

During my twelve years of teaching in France and here in Dallas, I have built my vision of Education, inspired by many educators whom I have met, trainings, books and conferences that I have followed. Again, what inspired me the most is my experience with the students..

Here is a quote that accurately illustrates my philosophy of Education.
Isaac Newton once said: “If I have seen further it is only by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

This is my mission : Let us all help our students climb upon the shoulders of giants. Some could manage their way up with good guidance, some need a little push, or some may fall on the way.

Our mission is to show them the way, guide them, help them to stand up when they do fall. 

In education, we call this differentiation, cooperation, challenge…

Our mission is to give every student the opportunity to come to school each day with a smile.  To be happy and eager to learn, discover, and experiment.
Our mission is to recognize and respond to our students' different needs.  This what we do as educators, we help them grow, succeed and become citizens of the world.  We help them become unique. As our tagline states, we are Globally inspired and distinctly different.
This is what DIS, as a multicultural and multilingual school offers.  Our curriculum is unique. Our community is unique. Our multicultural and multilingual education environment gives the opportunity to your child to become a responsible citizen of the world.
I truly believe in our core values and I am convinced that we can provide everything your child needs to be successful and happy.

I thank you and wish you a rewarding school year at Dallas International School.
Franck Philipp
Head of Primary

Waterview Campus


My name is Clemence Grosjean.  I arrived on the DIS campus last March 2019.  It is a true honor to be in Dallas and serve as the Head of Secondary for the Dallas International School Waterview campus.  
Born and raised in a family from the Southwest of France, I studied and worked in the Parisian region for many years.  My first trip to the United States took place during my junior year of college and I studied in Charleston, SC for a year.  This was an incredible opportunity for me and now offers many great memories.  I also discovered that I like the US very much.  This led to my return as a tourist as well as for a History teacher internship in Ohio.  After eight years of teaching History and Geography, I became a Deputy Head of School four years ago, and today hold the title as Head of Secondary.  
I very much enjoy working with teenagers and helping them on their road to success.  I also believe that to reach this goal, we must do this together (parents, teachers, staff, educators).   We must work together and trust each other in order to educate our students and assist them in becoming global citizens of tomorrow. 
I am very happy to be a part of the DIS community.  I promise you that I am willing to devote a lot of work and energy for our students' academic success and in their life journeys! 
I hope to meet you during your next visit to Waterview campus. 

Clemence Grosjean
Head of Secondary

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