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Middle School

Grades 6–8

Middle School is an important time for self-discovery. During these years, Dallas International School students explore a rigorous program with a team of highly qualified instructors. Our expert teachers build strong personal relationships with students and work cross-curricular as a team. Students cultivate new interests, develop their talents, engage in subject matter through experiential learning, and interact with dynamic discussions that challenge students to demonstrate their depth of knowledge. Time management skills and autonomous study habits are instilled throughout these grades to prepare students for greater independence and the challenges to come.

Middle School Curriculum

At DIS, we understand that we have to prepare young people for a complex and rapidly changing world. We believe in an international, multilingual education emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and intercultural communication. An appreciation of differences is essential in the growing diversity of our world. The middle school experience lays the strong foundation for this unique perspective.


Middle School, called Collège in France, starts in 6th grade and is a four-year course. At DIS, the Middle School goes to 8th grade to mirror the American experience. The curriculum is based on the program provided by the French Ministry of Education. In addition, DIS blends in the English language courses that will allow students to graduate as bilingual and bicultural young adults. 


6th Grade Through 8th Grade