Elementary: Off-Campus Learning

Dallas International School organizes trips to give its students an opportunity to enhance and support their curriculum. Being an international school, the trips organized often comprise visits to foreign countries, such as Canada or France, but we also value outdoor education in the United States. These trips aid in teaching students the history, geography, diversity and cultural traditions of other peoples and promote an understanding of other nations.


Amongst our experiences, the milestones of DIS primary schooling are the Montréal and Québec City trips.


Every year during the month of March the third grade classes take a trip to Montreal, Canada where they are immersed in a French language environment while learning first-hand about native wildlife, winter activities and cultural traditions of the native Indians who originally inhabited the area.

A wide range of activities await the students at “Le Petit Bonheur,” the center near Montreal where they stay. Dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and ice fishing are some of the outdoor adventures they experience. The group of youngsters also learns how maple syrup is made and how to track animals by their footprints. Special games and workshops focus on the customs of the indigenous people of the area. The classes return with not only new experiences, an enriched knowledge of the native cultures and an increased capability with the French language, but also with a stronger sense of camaraderie with their classmates and teachers.
Québec City

To enrich the curriculum at the 5th grade level, a trip to Quebec City is taken in the spring of each year. This trip is rich in linguistic, historical and cultural experiences. For 10 days, students experience the heart of French Canadian culture. Students are accommodated in a lodge at the center of Old Québec, and are supervised by DIS teachers and chaperones. They enjoy French Canadian guides for all planned activities who converse with students exclusively in French.

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