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Dallas International School Welcomes New Head of School, Catherine Lévy
Dallas International School commenced its 2019-2020 academic year with a new Head of School, Catherine Lévy. Coming from a seven-year tenure as Head of School at Rochambeau, a French international school in Washington D.C., Catherine Lévy is thrilled to begin her new life in Dallas and lend her background, years of experience and passion for education to Dallas International School.

As a French native, Catherine Lévy’s career in education entails many years of teaching and administration. After studying English language and literature, Madame Lévy traveled to Scotland, where she taught French for two years. During this pivotal time in her life, Madame Lévy discovered her love for education in an international context. After completing her two-year contract in Scotland, Madame Lévyreturned to her hometown of Toulouse, where she took the CAPES in English. Immediately thereafter, Madame Lévy decided to continuing furthering her education and advancement by completing a Maîtrise at Université Toulouse le Mirail, followed by the Agrégation, and finally a DEA in English and American Literature at Université Paul Valery, in Montpellier.

Throughout her teaching years, Catherine Lévy shares that she has always felt extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to teach at every level, from préparatoires to middle school to high school to college students. Madame Lévy has also spent her 18 years of teaching at institutions all over the world, including Toulouse, Bordeaux, Mayotte, Cayenne and Tahiti. Throughout her esteemed career in education, she has also encountered challenges of every sort along the way, but prides herself most on always being able to adapt to the situation, regardless of the age, language or background of the students in her care. Madame Lévy explains that all her accomplishments were possible thanks to the teams and colleagues that she has worked with directly, and from all the support of the boards of directors and the families and parents of students she has encountered.
In her seven-year tenure at her most recent role as Head of School at Rochambeau, Catherine Lévy oversaw an increase in enrollment, opened the school’s curriculum to American electives, received an accreditation with AIMS, strengthened the school’s links with colleges and universities across the US and abroad, and, along with the school’s alumni base, launched a consolidation project for two of the school’s campuses. She is extremely proud of these accomplishments and is ever so grateful to have been able to bring the community together around a common educational goal that put the students' instructional interests first and foremost.

Dallas International School proudly welcomes Madame Lévy with open arms and looks forward to all the thrilling changes and opportunities she will bring with her. Coming from such a rich background in teaching and administration in countries all over the world and working with students of all different cultures, Madam Lévy will bring a fresh and exhilarating approach to Dallas International School.

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