Learning in French, English and Spanish

Uniquely different from other Dallas private schools, Dallas International School’s programs and pedagogy are based on the French educational system, and the main language used in the classrooms is French until the 9th grade level, when students can enter the International Baccalaureate high school track, taught primarily in English. In the preschool – middle school years we want to provide our students with a real bilingual environment and English also plays a very important part in our activities. Language learning is also cultural learning and we promote many cultures at DIS to give our students excellent communication skills, broad general knowledge, along with human qualities such as tolerance, open-mind, solidarity, humility.

According to the level, the part of the French language varies between 70% and 50%; the English language varies between 40% and 20%, from preschool through the middle school years. The programs used by French and American teachers are harmonized in an effort to give the students the best of both systems and reach perfect academic and linguistic complementarities. All subjects at Dallas International School may be taught without distinction in French or in English.

We reinforce our bilingual program by offering activities in a third language: Spanish. Preschool classes have 3 weekly hours, Elementary classes have 1 hour and Secondary students have 3 hours. Spanish teachers work closely with their French and American colleagues to integrate their pedagogical goals into the general program.

Second-Language Programs

To further individualize your child's education at Dallas International School we offer some special programs for students whose native language in not French or not English and their teacher believes they would benefit from. Such students are placed in small groups in which they are provided with an undivided attention from a trained teacher.

The purpose of these programs is to help students acquire the vocabulary and the grammar necessary for our challenging DIS bilingual French and English curriculum. Students will discover those basic skills through a variety of tools such as conversations, songs, poems, reading and writing. The teacher will encourage students to communicate using the vocabulary they have already learned and to provide them with different activities that will enrich their vocabulary by linking it to previously learned concepts.

Private Language Programs

Students can also seek additional tutoring and special study through our Language Institute Private Language programs.